The history of the establishment of this organization is dated far back after numerous discussions about the position of Forest and Nature conservation in Tanzania, following the reported woody deficient in the country and the continuing deforestation.

These discussions lead to preferable interest in Tanzania bamboo sector through numerous conversations with forest experts and reading scientific literature related to bamboo farming and Tanzania landscape.

Many individuals we have spoken with so far seemed eager for the economic opportunity, a seemingly simple transaction since bamboo is already a familiar resource that generates profits for locals at some places, example Mbeya.

Primarily the idea of forming the organization to enhance bamboo farming and nature conservation in order to promote forest conservation in our society was carried with three people namely; Mr. George Mlyuka (The CEO), Mr. Gasto V. Mushi (the General secretary and Miss Doreen Mvungi (the treasurer).

These three motivated other several people who also agreed to join forces and make up a team of 9 motivated, skilled and dedicated Young people who want to create a society where Forest and nature conservation is supreme.

The organization has its constitution, leadership (who are elected by members). The organization has been registered in Tanzania and the area for its operation in Tanzania mainland.