Majority of Tanzanians live off the land – what grows from its soil, and the species that live on it. But these resources are scarce. Today, a number of problems are obstructing the environment in the country. More than 90% of the community rely on wood and agricultural residues for their energy needs, causing deforestation and environmental degradation. Deforested areas no longer provide a home for wildlife – leading to biodiversity loss – and are also susceptible to soil erosion. Bamboo Innovation and Nature Preservation Organization (BINAPO) ought to reduce environmental problems, severe pressure on forest and preserve natural resources by;

  • Conserving forest biodiversity
  • Promoting the use of renewable natural resources
  • Promoting the use of bamboo as hardwood alternative

“We have only this generation to get sustainability and the environment right. We all need to work together as never before to get there.”- James P. Leape